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How Much Does a Chauffeur Cost?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered how much it costs to hire a chauffeur. Many people rely on chauffeurs to ensure a safe, comfortable, and prestigious travel experience. In this detailed guide, we will investigate the aspects that influence the cost of hiring a chauffeur, assisting you in gaining a better idea of what to expect before embarking on a trip with a private driver.

Types of Chauffeur

The cost of a chauffeur varies depending on the type you need. People hire chauffeurs for many different reasons; let’s dive into different types of chauffeurs:

Corporate Chauffeur

A corporate chauffeur might suit you the best if you are looking for a chauffeur solely for business purposes. A corporate chauffeur dresses up formally and performs his duties responsibly for any business commutes.

Temporary Chauffeur

You might need a chauffeur for a short period or temporarily, in case you cannot drive for a while. In such a situation, you’ll need someone to drive. Among the best options is, having a temporary chauffeur to help you out in doing all tasks efficiently and in an organised way.

Family Chauffeur

A family chauffeur is the best option if you need a responsible driver for your children or pets. The person performing the duty of a family chauffeur must have the right DBS certificate.

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Chauffeur Cost

The cost of a chauffeur can vary depending on several elements. Below is a table outlining the typical hourly and daily costs of hiring a chauffeur:

Vehicle Type Hourly Cost Per Day Cost (8 Hours)
E-Class Mercedes £55 £440
S-Class Mercedes £65 £520
V-Class Mercedes £65 £520
Range Rover Autobiography £90 £720
Bentley Mulsanne £100 £800
Rolls-Royce Phantom £130 £1040


It should be noted that the figures in the table are only estimates, and actual pricing may vary depending on the individual chauffeur’s rates and local market conditions. When hiring a chauffeur, it’s a good idea to ask about their price structure and any additional charges that may apply to your special needs.

Vehicle Options

The chauffeur cost varies greatly depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

Business Class (Mercedes E-Class)

Because a Business Class vehicle is a mid-range luxury vehicle, the cost of chauffeur service is low compared to higher-end choices. It provides a good blend of comfort and price, making it ideal for many business travellers.

First Class Vehicle (Mercedes S-Class)

The First Class vehicle is more luxurious and sophisticated than the Business Class vehicle. As a result of the enhanced facilities, modern technology, and prestige associated with the S-Class, the cost of chauffeur service for this car is higher.

MPV (Mercedes V-Class)

An MPV has a larger passenger capacity, making it ideal for group trips or family vacations. The cost of chauffeur service for an MPV may be greater than that of Business Class because of additional capacity and versatility, but it is normally lower than that of First Class vehicles.

SUV (Range Rover Autobiography)

SUVs are well-known for their off-road capabilities and durability. Because of its luxury features and elevated standing in the SUV sector, the Range Rover Autobiography would have a higher cost of chauffeur service.

Ultra Luxury (Bentley and Rolls Royce)

Due to their iconic brands and extravagant amenities, chauffeur service for Ultra Luxury automobiles such as Bentley and Rolls Royce would be the most expensive option among the listed vehicles.

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Factors Affecting the Chauffeur Cost

  • Location: The cost of hiring a chauffeur might vary greatly depending on your location. Chauffeurs in metropolitan locations or big cities typically have high charges than those in smaller cities.
  • Experience and Skill Level: Due to their proficiency and ability to manage various situations efficiently, more experienced and skilled chauffeurs often charge higher costs.
  • Type of Vehicle: If you need a specific type of car, such as a premium sedan, limousine, or SUV, the price may rise.
  • Time of Day: Some chauffeurs may charge more for late-night or early-morning services, referred to as “after-hours” costs.
  • Special Demands or Requirements: If you have unique demands or requirements, such as multilingual chauffeurs, extra security, or a chauffeur who is familiar with specific routes, the cost may be modified appropriately.
  • Extra Services: Some chauffeurs provide additional services such as airport pickup, personalised tours, and event preparation. These other services may have their own fees.


Several elements influence the cost of hiring a chauffeur, including location, car type, duration, and other services. A professional chauffeur service can give you a seamless and memorable experience, whether it’s for business travel, a special event, or simply you want a more pleasant journey.

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