Weddings Car Hire

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life and we at HR Carriages are here to ensure that your travel arrangements to and from the ceremony is flawless. Our itinerary revolves around your plans and strives to provide a service which leaves you free to enjoy your journey to the ceremony. You can choice from our elegant range of vehicles which include a White Bentley Flying Spur, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes S-Class and many others or we can suggest a package based on the size of your entourage. We also have a Mercedes Viano which is perfect for transporting the bridesmaids to the ceremony as a group preparing the path for the bride’s arrival. With ample legroom and ultra comfortable passenger seat our vehicles ensure that bride can keep her dress looking fabulous.

Your chauffeur for the day will arrive 30 minutes before hand to help with any last minute decorations and request. Our wedding packages include transportation to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the reception and if needs be to the airport for the honeymoon. All this is done with a courteous professional chauffeur who is there to help make a fabulous day fantastic.

When it comes to weddings, you plan and manage different things. Travel arrangements are one of the most significant things you focus on. Weddings car hire can help you a lot in this regard. It will take care of your travel throughout the ceremony and offer luxury and style.

We at HR Carriages offer the best wedding car hires in London. Get our services to enjoy hassle-free transportation in a luxury car throughout the ceremony. Along with adding elegance, hiring a wedding car from us means you can relax and enjoy without worrying about driving.

HR Carriages – Who We Are?

We are a reliable and top-ranking wedding car hire company in London. We aim to provide faultless and discreet transport services for your special events. Since its origin, HR Carriages has served countless clients by providing safe and luxury transport services.

Weddings Car HireBenefits of Wedding Car Hire

Wedding chauffeur car hire offers countless benefits to make your special event remarkable. From added sophistication to your big day to convenience, there are several reasons to hire wedding cars.

Travel in Style

Weddings car hire allows you to travel in style. Just imagine you enter your wedding ceremony in a luxury car to make a statement. You will remember this moment for the rest of your life. Nothing can be more satisfying than showing your style on your big day.

Enjoy Luxury and Comfort

A wedding car hire offers luxury and comfort at the same time. You will get a luxury car like a Mercedes or Rolls Royce to travel to and from the ceremony. Along with luxury, these cars are comfortable as well. Above all, a highly skilled driver will drive the car to make your journey even more convenient.

Save Time

Car hire for weddings in London saves a lot of your time. You don’t have to worry about the decorations of the car as service providers do it as per your preferences. Similarly, skilled drivers know the best routes to take you to the event without getting stuck in traffic. You can spend this spare time on planning and managing other things.

Make Your Day Memorable

You can use your vehicle or hire a luxury car for the wedding. The second option provides you with an opportunity to create sweet memories. People turning their heads to see you travel in style will be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for you.

Similarly, your grand entrance to the ceremony site in elegance will also turn into a significant memory. A luxury car will also serve as a background for pictures and videos. All these sweet memories make your big day unforgettable.

Be Safe

Wedding chauffeur car hire enhances your safety. Highly skilled drivers will drive your car, reducing the chances of any mishaps. You can travel safely after enjoying a few drinks at your wedding as you don’t have to drive the car.

Enjoy all these benefits by getting our premium car and chauffeur hire services in London.

Best Weddings Car HireWhy Choose Us?

We are the best in the town when it comes to weddings car hire. The primary reasons behind this are:

  • We have highly skilled professional chauffeurs to care for your travel throughout the ceremony.
  • At HR Carriages, you can choose from a range of luxury cars like the Bentley Flying Spur, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes V-Class, and many more.
  • We offer more affordable wedding car hire than other service providers.
  • Our chauffeurs will arrive to pick you up 30 minutes earlier and can assist you with last-minute decorations or other requests.

Contact us, hire our services, and leave the rest to us. Our skilled chauffeur with your selected luxury car will arrive at your location to serve you.


What type of car should I hire for my wedding?

Your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. Therefore, you should make it memorable by hiring a luxury car like Mercedes, Rolls Royce, etc.

When should I book my wedding car?

Try to book your wedding car ASAP. During wedding season, you may be unable to find your desired car. Therefore, booking one soon after the dates are confirmed is suggested.

What is included in a wedding car hire package?

It’s based on the company you choose to hire a wedding car. The wedding package by HR Carriages includes travel to and from the ceremony site. It also includes transport to the airport for honeymoon.

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