Jet and Yacht Charter Hire

Whether your business takes you from, city to city or between continents, HR carriages is able to take care of all your chartered aviation needs. We provide you with the flexibility and value to help you get the most out of your travel arrangements. Start and end your journey by choosing to fly direct to 5,000 airports worldwide and 900 to choose from in Europe alone.

The seamless level of service provided by us at HR Carriages starts the moment you are picked up by your chauffeur and driven to meet your chartered jet. A few steps from the car and you will be at the foot of the jet stairs, greeted by your pilot and courteous cabin staff. Within 15 minutes you will be in the air, comfortably seated flying to the destination of your choice.

From the 7-seat Cessna Citation Bravo to the 14-passenger Gulfstream G550, you’ll find a jet to give you an optimal and cost-effective mix of performance, comfort, range and size. While on board the jet of your choice, you can immerse yourself in the privacy of your surroundings, giving you the freedom to work or relax. We strive to ensure your time with us an enjoyable and memorable experience by providing you with your preferred food, drinks and entertainment material.

HR Carriages, with its proud partners, offers a wide range of luxury jets and yachts to assist you with your corporate as well as holiday tours to your favourite destinations. Our jet and yacht charter hire is designed to create a hassle-free and luxurious experience with a highly experienced and resourceful crew at your service.

Why Fly with Our Private Jet Hire Services?

Choose Your Jet: Choose a perfect jet from a wide range of private jets to fulfil your requirements.

Fly with Convenience: You can select a time and date that suits your hectic business schedule.

Skip the Queues: Gain direct access to private lounges and terminals rather than waiting in queues.

Enjoy Privacy: Enjoy your travel and work in a relaxed and private environment with your own space.

Get Comfort and Luxury: Add elevated levels of comfort and luxury with extra space and large seats.

Choice of Airports: Pick the closest airport to your destination from thousands of airports worldwide.

JET AND YACHT CHARTEROur Fleet of Luxury Aircrafts

Small Cabin Jets (Up to 3600 km Range)

  • Passengers: 4-8
  • Non-Stand-up Cabins
  • Satellite Phone
  • Cold Meal Service
  • Lavatory
  • Limited Luggage Space

Mid-Size Jets (3600 to 7400 km Range)

  • Passengers: 8-12
  • Standup Cabins
  • Onboard Toilet and Washroom
  • Onboard Entertainment
  • Flight Attendant Service
  • Onboard WIFI/Satellite Phone
  • Galley and Hot Meal Service
  • Moderate Space for Luggage

Large-Cabin Jets (7400-13000km Range)

  • Passengers: 9-18
  • Standup Cabins
  • Sleeping Facilities
  • Onboard WIFI/Satellite Phone
  • Onboard Toilet and Washroom
  • Flight Attendant Service
  • Onboard Entertainment
  • Hot Meal Service
  • Generous Space for Luggage

LARGE-CABIN JETSWhy Choose Our Private Yacht Charter Hire Services?

Vast Range of Itineraries: You can select the route and destinations according to your preference.

Exclusive Access: You will get exclusive and private access to remote islands and shorelines.

Customisable Services: You will receive totally customisable services with a private crew.

Luxury Floating Villa: Private yachts offer spacious rooms and saloons filled with all the luxuries.

Affordability: They are extremely affordable options for a water retreat compared to their benefits.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly experienced service with a vast range of private jets and yachts to select from.
  • Worldwide services with an international network in six major continents.
  • Highly cost-effective travel services with guaranteed luxury and comfort.
  • Tailored services to accommodate your unique requirements and travel schedules.


What services are included in your private jet hire cost?

The service included in the cost depend on the type of jet you select and your personal preferences. You can contact us for further details.

Can I select the type of jet for my travels?

Yes, we offer a wide range of short, medium and long-range aircraft that you can choose according to your unique requirements.

Is there any age limit for children on the yacht?

Yachts are a perfect way to spend time and explore your dream places with your family. There is no minimum age limit to bring your children on board.

Can I custom-select my itineraries for my yacht cruise?

Yes, you can select your own itineraries to visit your dream places on your yacht cruise. You can contact us for details about our luxury yacht charter hire services.

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