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Things to Do on Road Trips

A road trip opens new doors of fun and enjoyment as you will explore new places, meet new people, and enjoy a lot. It is always fun and thrilling to embark on a long trip with your friends, family and colleagues. However, the excitement of this trip may fade when you have to spend several hours travelling in a car without any fun activity.

Therefore, we will tell you about some fun and adventurous activities you can do on a road trip to make it more exciting and remarkable. Let’s start exploring these things without further ado.

14 Things to Do on a Road Trip

Whether planning a short single-day or a long multiple-day road trip, trying the following things will keep boredom away throughout the journey.

Listen to Music

This is one of the most fun activities on a road trip. If you travel with friends, make a combined playlist and listen to it. You can also play music games like completing the lyrics or guessing the song. You can also sing different songs to check who has the best voice.

Click Photos and Record Videos

Storing memories of your exciting road trip will keep you busy. Use your mobile or camera to capture and record your moments during the trip. You can also capture the incredible landscapes you see when travelling and make an album of these photos and videos. Moreover, you can also share them on social media to engage with your online friends.

Mark Your Route

Take a map with you on a road trip and mark your route. You can use Google Maps as well. Mark the places where you can stop during the trip. This marked map will be a lasting memory for you as you can remember the journey by seeing the marks.

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Click Photos and Record Videos
Mark Your Route

Tell Jokes

You can crack jokes to make the journey enjoyable. Telling travel jokes to your friends and getting replies will enlighten your journey. You can also play a game to check who tells the worst joke to make it more enjoyable.

Make a To-Do List

You can make a to-do list as well during the journey. You can ask your friends to help you in this regard and schedule all the activities you will do once you reach your destination. You can check reviews about the restaurants and other places around your destination to plan what you will visit.

Watch a Movie or Series

If you travel with your friends, enjoying a movie with them can be great fun. You can enjoy new web series episodes and discuss what will happen next. However, we suggest you to refrain from spoiling a movie if you have watched it already.

Read a Book

You can read a book during the trip to keep boredom away. Books about your destination can be your fine companion on this journey. You can also try audiobooks for a simple and prompt experience. Listening to audiobooks will take less time as compared to reading a book.

Learn a New Language

If travel partners know a language you don’t, you can ask them to teach it. Learning a new language will be great fun. If you don’t have travel partners, you can explore some simple language courses online and try them to learn a new language.

Make Stops

During a long journey, you need to make stops several times. You can plan these stops by searching for the famous spots in your path. Apart from that, if you see a beautiful landscape or a contemporary restaurant, you can stop there for some time and enjoy the beauty of the place and try some new cuisines.

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Tell Jokes
camping in trip

Explore Unknown Terrains

Travelling on a simple route can make your journey boring, especially when travelling for several hours. You can choose an unknown terrain to reach your destination to keep it exciting. It will provide an opportunity to explore new routes. If your vehicle is suitable for off-road journeys, you should try exploring challenging terrains during the journey.

Take Turns Behind the Wheel

When travelling with your friends, you can take turns behind the wheel. Driving a car and displaying your skills to friends can be a great adventure. Taking turns will keep you busy and provide some rest during long journeys. Make sure you have a driving permit before getting behind the wheel.


Camping is one of the most exciting and chilling things you can do during your long, multiple-day trips. Find a suitable place for camping and set your camp there. Choose a safe spot to build a campfire and sit around it before sleep. In this way, you can also experience the fun and the thrill of camping. You can also opt for car camping by parking and sleeping in your car overnight.

Road Trip Games

You cannot complete your road without playing road trip games. The top-listed games that you must try on your road trip are:

Number Plate Game: In this game, you and your travel partners have to find the number plates of different regions when travelling. Write down these plates (no cheating is allowed), and the one with the most points will win the game.

Guess the Personality Game: It’s among the classic travel games that are still popular. In this game, your fellows will pick personalities, and you have to guess them by asking different questions. Usually, 20 questions are allowed.

Road Trip Trivia: You can play road trip trivia for several hours to keep boredom at bay. In this game, you have to ask different questions from their friends and answer their questions. Every correct answer will help you earn some points.

Eat During the Trip

You must eat different things during your trip. Locate famous culinary destinations in hour path and try different cuisines there. Apart from that, you can also enjoy road trip snacks while travelling towards your destination. You can share reviews about these snacks and cuisine with your travel partners.

It’s time to say goodbye to boredom when travelling as you know how to make your toad trips exciting and adventurous. Try the abovementioned things with your travel partners and transform your long, boring trips into remarkable, thrilling journeys.

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Eat During the Trip
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