Chauffeur Car Hire in Surrey

After a long and tiring flight, when you lack the energy to stand and wait for a taxi, a professional chauffeur hire in Surrey offers the best solution – a service that lets you enjoy a stress-free journey from your airport to the hotel. For business travellers, it proves to be a highly valuable and reliable service that not only saves time but also enhances productivity, allowing you to focus on crucial tasks with fresh mind.

Elevating your experience of luxury travel, our chauffeur company in Surrey ensures a unique and smoothest of travels via well-trained staff and an extensive range of vehicles.

Premium Chauffeur Car Hire in Surrey

  • Time is of the ultimate essence. Utilise your travel time to catch up on your work.
  • Our chauffeur service offers a pleasantly comfortable and luxurious ride so you feel relaxed upon reaching your destination.
  • Our chauffeurs exemplify professionalism and courtesy, ensuring a premium travel experience.
  • Familiar with all the area routes, our staff proficiently handles everything, from driving in challenging weather conditions to navigating through traffic.
  • You will find our services considerably cost-efficient upon considering parking fees, fuel costs and vehicle maintenance expenses.
  • Our flexible chauffeur services enable you to modify your travel arrangements as required.

Our Fleet

We have a vast collection of luxurious and comfortable vehicles that can fulfil your requirements. Our fleet includes:

  • Mercedes S Class
  • Rolls Royce Cullinan
  • Bently Mulsanne
  • Jaguar XJ V6
  • Range Rover Vogue LWB
  • Mercedes V Class

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HR Carriages | Luxurious Chauffeur Service

HR Carriages, the leading company for chauffeur service in Surrey, has years of expertise and knowledge. We deliver 24-hour, affordable services to our clients, providing personalised services for customers with specific requirements.

Our Services


Our chauffeur services will make your journey to an event more special with luxurious vehicles. We provide services for different events, including business engagements, concerts, and proms.

Corporate Roadshow

Our special corporate roadshow chauffeurs offer top-notch car hire services at competitive rates. We take pride in assisting you with journey coordination, providing guidance on timings and ensuring you have the perfect chauffeur-driven vehicle with style and comfort.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions feel free to contact us any time!


Your wedding day holds the utmost significance in your life, and HR Carriages is dedicated to guaranteeing a flawless transportation experience. You can choose from our exquisite collection of vehicles, which includes the White Bently Flying Spur, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes S-Class, and more.

Evening Hire

We provide a chauffeur-driven car service that depicts your style and grandeur for your journey in and around London. When your evening ends, we ensure your safe arrival at your doorstep.

Jet and Yacht Charter

Whether your business demands travelling from one city to another or across continents, HR Carriages stands ready to manage all your requirements. We offer you the flexibility and value to optimise your travel plans and make the most of your journey.


Hiring a chauffeur for a day in the UK can cost around £400 to £1000 per day. Cost can also vary based on factors like the type of vehicle and customised services.

The main difference between a driver and chauffeur is the level of service and professionalism they deliver. A driver’s primary task is typically transporting passengers, whereas a chauffeur offers more comprehensive service, encompassing attention to detail, customer service and professionalism.

Chauffeurs are expertly trained drivers, exclusively transporting VIP clients in luxurious vehicles. Providing chauffeur services entails adhering to specific protocols and responsibilities to cater to elite clients.

When you rent the car and driver by the hour, the vehicle is at your service to transport you and your passengers to your desired destinations at your convenience.

We suggest booking in advance, like a month or a few weeks before, especially for special events and occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc., due to more demand for vehicles.

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